Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk31E – c/n 13142

With CAB/BUAF from Feb 1959 to Apr 1967

Given Name – ‘Voyager’

Although being transferred officially to CAB in February 1959, little would change operations wise and this B170 would have yet another busy cross-Channel season before finally being withdrawn at Stansted for the winter of 1959/60. She was brought back to life in April and would undergo a well deserved overhaul, finally returning to Southend in May. Needless to say, she continued to soldier on during her time with Channel Air Bridge until another name change took place at the beginning of 1963. The tale of Sierra Alpha’s time with BUAF however, would be a short one indeed. Having been stored at SEN during the winter of 1962-63, she was woken from her slumber early in 1963 to be refinished in the new British United livery.

This aircraft would then return to service, plying her trade between Southend – Ostend/Rotterdam and was also seen on charters at Cambridge on February 2nd and Southampton on August 15th. However, with the car ferry services at Southend now mostly being operated by Carvairs, G-AMSA would find herself being despatched to Lydd towards the end of 1964 and after a short period of cross-Channel services, she once more entered storage over the winter of 1964-65. Her 1965 was a short one however. Returning to service in the spring, she would only fly until June when finally, she was removed from service permanently. Sierra Alpha then languished at Lydd, becoming a source of increasingly rare spares until April 1967 when she was scrapped; the remains later being sent to SEN for melting.


History of G-AMSA

4/52 to 8/55

The Bristol Aircraft Company

8/55 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd

2/59 to 1/63

Channel Air Bridge Ltd

1/63 to 4/67

British United Air Ferries


WFU Lydd 5/65 and later B/U 4/67


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