Operated from Apr 1958 to May 1960

Country of Origin – Belgium/UK

Director/Founder – Subsidiary of Overseas Aviation

Another small, overseas airline which ran charter flights into Southend was Aviameer, a tiny concern with just a single aircraft to its name. This company received funding and a leased Viking from Overseas Aviation with the intention of running I.T. services from Antwerp to some of the more popular European destinations in Germany, Spain and Switzerland although in reality, it ended up operating a good number of flights on behalf of Overseas and the aircraft more or less ended up being based at SEN during the final weeks of the company’s operational history.

However, being such a small operation things did not last and the company effectively collapsed at the end of May 1960. Having been grounded elsewhere, Viking ‘Sinjoor’ later made her final flight to Southend in July 1960 where she then sat idle and when Overseas eventually moved to Gatwick, she was left there due to her no longer being airworthy. One final attempt to revive her was later abandoned and she remained parked at SEN for almost 2 years until finally being removed to the north side to be broken up by Tradair who scrapped the fuselage but retained the wings of the aircraft.

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Aviameer fleet from 1958 to 1960

Vickers 610 Viking

OO-EEN* – 4/58 to 7/60

WFU at SEN 7/60 – B/U 4/62


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