Seven Seas Airlines


Operated from c.1957 to c.1962

Country of Origin – United States of America

Founder/Director – Unknown

While officially based in New York, this airline’s equipment would go on to spend most of its operational life flying between Western Europe and the Far East/Australasia which eventually resulted in most, if not all of its aircraft being stationed in Luxembourg. Seven Seas was primarily a C-54 operator whose main remit was the movement of freight and marine crews around Europe and Asia, while emigrant flights to Australia were sometimes undertaken too. Southend would also see a good deal of Seven Seas as their aircraft came and went between January 1960 and the middle of 1961, mostly passing through to drop off fresh vegetables or pick up marine crews before making their way eastward. However, May 20th would see N30048 arriving from Treviso with a load of Italian shoes and sunglasses, returning a week later while September 1960 would witness more in the way of regular activity with N5519V and N90421 operating as many as 20 meat flights from Rotterdam to SEN during the year’s foot and mouth crisis.


Seven Seas fleet between 1960 and 1961

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

N30048* – 10/57 to 5/60

Leased from Asiatic Animal Imports (Ret to A.A.I. between 7/58 & 9/58)

N5519V* – 8/59 to 3/61

DBR in forced landing near Nagpur, India 22/3/61

N5520V – 3/58 to 5/58

Leased from 20th Century Airlines – Later became Carvair G-AREK

N5521V – 7/59 to 8/61

Repossessed by Ameurco Anstalt

N90421* – 6/60 to 2/61

Sold to Ameurco Anstalt


Curtiss C-46 Commando

N9841F* – 4/59 to ?/64

Leased from Burton Katlin


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