Continentale CDL


Operated from Apr 1959 to Dec 1962

Country of Origin – Germany

Founders/Directors – Eleuterio Ferreira and Kurt Franz Kraemer

Hamburg based Continentale Deutsche Luftreederei or CDL as it was more commonly referred to was set up in 1958 by a Portuguese national who had already been making waves in the world of German aviation. However, things got off to a shaky start and as a result of the Bonner Aviation Act, he was forced to relinquish his majority shareholding in the company and bring in a German national who would by law, be required to hold a majority stake in the airline. By the spring of 1959, Kurt Kraemer had bought into the company and operations began with two C-54s that Ferreira had transferred from the now defunct company German Aerotour. One of these aircraft was summarily overhauled and put into service while the other would become a source of spares.

Services run by this airline initially comprised of either the positioning marine crews or hauling freight to the Middle East and Africa, with flights later being expanded to the Far East in 1961 although during 1960, holiday flights were undertaken to the Balearics under the banner of ‘CDL Charters’. As early as 1959, CDL’s aircraft were trickling through SEN, but it wouldn’t be until 1961 that operations really started to take off which would for the most see SEN being used as a stop over as its aircraft transited through both Southend and Newcastle either inbound or outbound to Africa or the Far East. That being said, during 1962, several flights were operated between the Continent and Southend, one example being the arrival of D-ABEF from Hannover late on May 1st which then departed to Naples in the early hours of the following day. One further note of interest is that two of CDL’s C-54s would eventually end up as Carvairs.


CDL fleet from 1959 to 1962

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

D-ABEB – 4/59 to 6/61

Crashed on approach to Kano, Nigeria 17/6/61

D-ABEF* – 7/59 to 6/62

Sold to the French Navy as 10454

D-ADAM – 5/61 to 7/63

Sold to Aviation Traders as G-ASKN

D-ANEK – 4/60 to 7/63

Sold to Aviation Traders as G-ASKD

Douglas DC-6

F-BHMR – 1/61 to 10/61

Leased from UAT


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