Fairways Rotterdam


Operated from Mar 1961 to Aug 1964

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founder/Director – Subsidiary of the SA and SSM Shipping Comp

Another short lived European airline came in the form of Fairways Rotterdam which started out in late 1960 as a subsidiary of the Dutch SA & SSM Shipping Company. This outfit quickly went through a couple of names including Air Transport Rotterdam and Transaero Rotterdam before finally settling for the Fairways title that it began using in the early spring of 1961. Almost from the outset, their sole DC-3 began operations between Rotterdam and Southend freighting in fresh vegetables from the Continent with a second example joining it in August. Needless to say, Fairways would continue to be a regular visitor at Southend and in 1962 the airline flew in and out of the airport a total of 89 times mostly on cargo charters. By 1964, Fairways was also carrying out charters on behalf of Martin’s Air Charter and by August of this year, ownership of the company had passed into the hands of M.A.C.


Fairways Rotterdam fleet from 1961 to 1964

Douglas C-47

PH-SCC* – 8/61 to 1/66

TFR to Martin’s Air Charter

PH-SSM* – 2/61 to 6/66

TFR to Martin’s Air Charter

Other very short term leases included the use of C-47s:


Although it is unlikely that these aircraft visited SEN in Fairways livery.


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