Globe Air


Operated from Nov 1960 to Oct 1967

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Founder/Director – Dr. Theodor Moll, Mr. Fritz Leuenberger and Mr. Karl Rudin

Globe Air A.G. was initially founded in 1957, but remained a paper airline only up until November 1960 when it procured the first of threeglobe-air-ambass-hb-iel Ambassadors from B.E.A. Four aircraft had initially been sought although for some unknown reason HB-IEI would never join the airline and would instead be transported to Southend by road in November 1963 for spares use with B.K.S. In 1963, new turboprop equipment arrived in the form of Handley Page Heralds. This time five were ordered but yet again, deliveries would come up one short. The Ambassadors and then the Heralds would mostly be put to work flying services to the Mediterranean and the Balearics while the following year, further additions in the form of two Bristol Britannias would permit the airline to fly to The Canaries, Madeira, Ceylon and Nairobi among others.

It would appear that Globe’s Ambassadors first came to Southend on November 29th 1961 with HB-IEK bringing in a passenger charter from Geneva and returning the same day. Further flights took place on December 6th & 7th again, both operated by Echo Kilo.  The Ambassadors also arrived for attention with B.K.S., HB-IEL arriving on March 23rd and departing to Basle on June 21st after an air test. However, from 1965 Globe Air’s Heralds and Britannias became more frequent visitors, operating a good number of passenger charters from Basle, Geneva and Zurich and would often come in for maintenance with ATEL. One such regular visitor was Britannia HB-ITB which sadly crashed into the side of a hill in April 1967 killing 126 of the 130 people on board while attempting to land at a rather overcast and stormy Nicosia Airport. Needless to say, it was the fallout from this tragic accident that contributed greatly to this airline’s subsequent collapse a few months later.


Globe Air fleet from 1965 to 1967

Airspeed Ambassador

HB-IEK* – 11/60 to 11/63

Sold to Autair as G-ALZS

HB-IEL* – 5/61 to 9/63

Sold to Autair as G-ALZZ

HB-IEM* – 2/62 to 12/63

Sold to Autair as G-ALZV

Handley Page Herald

HB-AAG* – 5/63 to 7/65

Sold to Handley Page as G-ASBP

HB-AAH – 8/63 to 3/67

WFU 10/67 – Sold to British United Airways as G-AVEZ

HB-AAK – 6/64 to 7/68

WFU 10/67 – Sold to Europe Aero Service as F-OCLY

HB-AAL* – 5/65 to 7/68

WFU 10/67 – Sold to Europe Aero Service as F-BOIZ

Bristol Britannia

HB-ITB* – 4/64 to 4/67

CFIT near Nicosia, Cyprus 20/4/67

HB-ITC* – 3/65 to 12/67

Sold to African Safari Airways as 5Y-ALT


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