Shannon Air


Operated from May 1964 to Feb 1966

Country of Origin – Ireland

Founder/Director – Unknown but based in the U.S

This extremely short lived airline started out in the early spring of 1964 offering passenger and freight charters to destinations worldwide. By the endshannon-ei-anm-dc-7 of May, it had leased a C-54 and this was summarily put to work on its first commercial flight from Shannon to Manchester and back again. The year 1964 would eventually see this company flying a good number of charters, many of them to and from Southend and as such, Shannon would operate to the airport with both its C-54 and a DC-7 (which had arrived later in July) through until early 1965. It was during August 1964 though that Shannon would appear at SEN on a multitude of occasions with the C-54 being noted on the 6th and the 8th while the DC-7 would appear on the 18th. Flights continued on and off with a final visit for the year being made on December 31st again by the C-54.

Operations from SEN would start again in March with the DC-7 flying a charter to Madrid on the 2nd, although flights would be down on the previous year being as the aircraft were slowly but surely being transferred to Gatwick for British United who were seriously short of equipment to fly their summer routes. As a result of this, Shannon leased DC-7 EI-AOC solely to undertake this commitment (thus this aircraft was never seen at SEN) and from this point onwards, this airline would rarely be seen at other British airports. However, the winter of 1965/66 was a quiet one for Shannon and by the beginning of the year the airline was in financial difficulties which finally resulted in their aircraft being impounded, after which the airline was disbanded.


Shannon Air fleet from 1964 to 1965

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

EI-ANL – 5/64 to 2/66

Leased from Universal Trading Corp

Douglas DC-7C

EI-ANM – 8/64 to 2/66

Sold to F.B.Ayer and Associates as N302G


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