Polaris Air Transport


Operated from Dec 1964 to c.Oct 1969

Country of Origin – Norway

Founders/Directors – Bjorn Bostad and Alf Remseth

Beginning life at Oslo’s Fornebu Airport in November 1964, Polaris Air Transport would initially start out operating two C-47s on passenger and freight charters to much of Northern and Western Europe. It was in February 1965 that the first of many flights would start to Southend with trips to the Lego factory in Billund which would continue throughout the year while other passenger charters would arrive from and depart to such destinations as Malmo, Oslo and Torp. The following year would continue in much the same vein, although 1967 would bring a new type in the shape of larger Convair CV240s which by 1968, had more or less completely replaced the C-47s on SEN flights. However, by late 1969 Polaris had disposed of all of its aircraft although the company continued to operate in some shape or form until circa 1974.


Polaris fleet from 1965 to 1969

Douglas C-47 Dakota

LN-RTE – 3/65 to 10/69

Sold to WiderØes

LN-RTO – 12/64 to 6/69

Sold to Field Aircraft Services as G-AMPO

Convair CV240

LN-KAP – 6/66 to 10/69

Sold to Mey Air

LN-KLT – 3/67 to 6/68

WFU in Holland – Scrapped in 1976

LN-KLU – 9/67 to 10/68

Leased from Miami Aviation Corp


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