Viking G-AIXR

Vickers 627 Viking 1B – c/n 233

With Tradair from May 1959 to Dec 1962

G-AIXR was the first of the two, second batch Airwork Vikings to arrive at Southend. Flying in on the 3rd May 1959, it wasn’t long until she was pressed into service. She was tasked with flying the inaugural service between Southend and Athens via a refuelling stop in Rome which took place on 9th May 1960, while the following day, she would make her way to Casablanca via Gibraltar. She went on to fly an entire range of Tradair scheduled and I.T flights during the summer of 1960 to destinations such as Gothenburg, Klagenfurt, Malmo and Munich in June and carried out yet another inaugural flight by starting what was to become a fortnightly service between Glasgow and Ostend. The winter of 1960 by contrast was a quieter, although XR would not remain idle and she flew a small number of Christmas charters to the Continent including Sylt in Germany.

The summer of 1961 brought more charter work and more trooping, the latter of which was carried out between Dusseldorf and Belfast, accompanied by Viscount Zulu Charlie and Viking Foxtrot Romeo. With the extremely popular Maastricht flights being reopened again in May 1962, X-Ray Romeo spent much of her time hauling passengers back and forth between this city and Manchester with operations not ceasing until the first week of October. With Tradair’s demise imminent, she did little more in the way of work for the company, but would go on to fly the final service to Luxembourg on 20th October 1962. Her final flight for Tradair came on the 3rd November when she flew a group of passengers to Frankfurt from Southend after which she was WFU pending the subsequent takeover by Channel Airways.


History of G-AIXR

5/47 to 5/59

Airwork Ltd

5/59 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 2/65

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU at Southend 9/63 and B/U 2/65

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