Schreiner Airways


Operated from 1964 to 2005

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founder/Director – Mr B.A.M. Schreiner

Starting out just after the conclusion of WWII hostilities, Schreiner Aerocontractors N.V. initially involved itself with helicopter operations in support of offshore exploration using Sikorsky H-5 equipment and it wasn’t until 1963 that the company finally procured its first commercial, fixed wing type in the form of two C-47s. Approximately one year later, these aircraft were summarily transferred to a newly formed wing of the company namely Schreiner Airways which would go on to fly passenger and cargo charters around Europe. More equipment was quickly added with F-27s eventually making up the bulk of the short range fleet, while DC-7s and then jet airliners were purchased to extend the company’s reach beyond Europe.

Flights to Southend however, began not long after the emergence of Schreiner Airways which ventured into the airport as early as mid-1964 with its sole Dove and its two Dakotas running passenger charters between SEN and Amsterdam/Rotterdam. Needless to say, these aircraft would quickly be replaced by F-27s which would henceforth be the only type to frequent SEN. While Schreiner was not one of the most regular visitors, its aircraft would continue to visit Southend on and off well into the ’60s, with its last recorded commercial visit being made by PH-SAR on September 29th 1967, although visits by its corporate aircraft which included the first visit to SEN by a Cessna Citation, continued well into the late-1970s.

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Schreiner Airways fleet from 1964 to 1977

Beech 200 Super King Air

PH-SAT* – 11/76 to 5/83

Sold to Partnair A/S as LN-PAE

Cessna 500 Citation

PH-SAW – 2/75 to 3/77

TFR to Heerema Engineering Service B.V.

Douglas C-47 Dakota

PH-DAC* – 9/63 to 10/67

Sold to KLM

PH-ERZ* – 3/63 to 10/67

WFU during 1966 and scrapped in 1969

De Havilland D.H 104 Dove

PH-SAA* – 7/62 to 11/65

Sold in Nigeria as 5N-ACJ

Fokker F-27

PH-SAB* – 4/65 to 2/66

Crashed in India while on lease to Indian Airlines 2/2/66

PH-SAD – 4/65 to 12/67

Sold to KLM

PH-SAF* – 4/64 to 11/65

Leased from Braathens SAFE

PH-SAN – 4/66 to 9/66

Leased from Braathens SAFE

PH-SAP – 3/66 to 10/66

Sold to Fokker

PH-SAR* – 4/67 to 12/67

Sold to KLM


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