Has Operated from 1948 to Present

Country of Origin – Germany

Founder/Director – Werner Battenfeld

While a good number of airlines would pass through Southend during its halcyon years, the airport was also frequented by a number of companies which saw aircraft ownership as a more effective and efficient way of doing business within the countries nearest to them. One such concern was the German injection moulding company Battenfeld which opened a plant in the U.K. in 1959. Indeed, it wasn’t long after this that SEN saw its aircraft streaming through the airport on a regular basis mostly to clear customs, although stop overs would occasionally take place when making visits to Ford.

Battenfeld would also bring several unusual types to the airport in the form of an extremely rare Morane-Saulnier MS-760 and the less rare, but equally curious Dornier Do 27 not too mention a German Tri-Expeditor conversion of the Beech 18 and a number of Turbomeca Astazou equipped SFERMA Marquis aircraft too. Flights began around the middle of 1960 and would continue for at least another 5 years with as many as 81 visits being made during 1962. The last recorded visit to SEN was on July 7th 1965, when G-INGA made one final trip to the airport from Cologne via Amsterdam. As a somewhat interesting footnote, Battenfeld procured most of their aircraft through another SEN regular, namely Travelair GmbH.

Many thanks to Jim Brazier & Christian Resag for helping with information for this page.

Battenfeld Chief Pilot Erwin Resag (R) & co-pilot take a welcome break at SEN


Battenfeld fleet from 1960 to 1965

Piper PA-23 Apache/Aztec

D-GABA – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-GARY* – ?/?? to 5/68

DBR in Germany 11/5/68

D-IBED* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-IMKU* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

D-EDYN* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Beech E-18S Graubart Trigear

D-IBEV*– ?/63 to 9/75

Sold in the U.S. as N70DG

Beech 50 Twin Bonanza

D-IEHE* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-IGUS* – ?/?? to 3/63

Written off at Heathrow 4/3/63

D-INES* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Beech 55 Baron

D-IBAF – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-IBAR – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-INLE – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Beech/SFERMA 60 Marquis

D-ILCA – ?/?? to 6/76

DBR in Germany 3/6/76

D-ILFA* – ?/?? to 11/62

W/O in crash near Ganderkesee, Bremen 8/11/62

D-ILFE* – 10/62 to ?/??

Sold to Maschinenfabrik J├Ąckering

D-ILFI* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Beech 80 Queen Air

D-ILDA* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Beech 90 King Air

D-IBMA – 12/67 to 11/71

Sold to Nayak Aviation Corp as N111ER

Dornier Do 27

D-ENIH – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

Morane-Saulnier MS-760

D-INGA* ?/?? to 7/67

Sold to Transairco as F-BOHN


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