Operated from c.1961 to c.1978

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Founder/Director – Unknown

Unfortunately, little is known about this Zurich based concern although it seems likely that it was primarily set up as an aircraft leasing company equipped with smaller types that were suitable for business charters or taxi services. As far as can be made out, this small entity began business during the early 1960s and would go on to make its first visit to SEN at the end of 1961 with Dove equipment, three of which made up its fleet until 1964 when a Hawker Siddeley H.S.125 was also procured. Not long after this, all but one of the company’s Doves were sold off and from this point on only the H.S.125 would be seen at Southend, this aircraft becoming something of a regular visitor from early 1965 onwards.


Chartag fleet from 1961 to 1970

De Havilland D.H 104 Dove

HB-LAP* – ?/61 to 2/65

Sold to Hawker Siddeley as G-ATAP

HB-LAR – ?/61 to ?/65

Sold in Germany as D-IKUR

HB-LAS* – ?/61 to 3/72

Sold to Fairflight Charters as G-AZPG

Hawker Siddeley H.S.125

HB-VAG* – ?/64 to ?/78

Sold in Italy as I-RACE


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