Condor Flugdienst

Has Operated from Mar 1956 to Present

Country of Origin – Germany

Founders/Directors – Norddeutscher Lloyd, HAPAG, Deutsche Lufthansa, and Deutsche Bundesbahn

Starting out as a mixed conglomerate of four private and governmental interests, Condor began life as Deusche Flugdienst in December 1955. One month later, it acquired its first aircraft in the form of two Vickers Vikings and launched scheduled services from its Frankfurt base in March flying charters primarily to the Balearics, the Canary Islands and Israel. By 1959, Lufthansa had become the largest shareholder and now retained more than 95% of the airline although it would continue to operate as a subsidiary under its own name. The final page in the history of the foundation of this airline came in 1961 when DF procured a small aviation concern that had been started in 1957 by Oetker GmbH, namely Condor Luftreederei and from this point onwards the two companies were combined, emerging as Condor Flugdienst (later Condor). The single Convair CV-440 that had previously been owned by this airline would however pass directly into Lufthansa ownership and would not become a part of the Condor fleet.

Needless to say, all three incarnations of this airline (DF, CL and Condor) would eventually become a part of SEN’s history, starting with Deutsche Flugdienst which, after having one of its Vikings delivered to Frankfurt during February 1956 via B.K.S. that was at the time renovating a good number of Vikings for overseas customers, would return the following and subsequent years after this, bringing in passengers from Germany along with several other Vikings that had been purchased from other sources. With the name change after the merger in 1961, Condor Flugdienst adorned Convair CV-240s and CV-440s began to supplement the Vikings on the Southend route due to the rising number of passengers that sought to fly in and out of SEN during the halcyon days of the early 1960s. Indeed, 1962 would see the Southend having one of its most successful years ever, this being reflected in the 117 Condor flights made to the airport during this year.

Operations would continue into the mid-60s although these would now involve a mixture of day tripper services and Saturday morning student flights,condor-l-1049-d-alec-rw24 the latter of which usually departed from Dusseldorf. Indeed, these student services eventually became so popular that in July & August 1964 several much larger, Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellations were temporarily leased by Condor to operate these flights. However, it wasn’t long after this that services began to run down until finally being cut completely, the last recorded commercial flight being made on September 26th 1966 by Viscount D-ANUN. Nevertheless, a handful of smaller types such as Queen Air D-IGWS and H.S.125 D-CKCF would appear during the mid to late ’60s and modern Condor aircraft have more recently frequented the airport to visit Air Livery for refinishing services.

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Deutsche Flugdienst/Condor Flugdienst fleet from 1957 to 1966

Vickers Viking

D-ABOM* – 1/56 to 6/64

Re-reg as D-BORA 5/58 – Sold to Autair for spares use

D-AFUS – 1/56 to 10/58

Re-reg as D-BELA 4/58 – DBR forced landing at Zele, Belgium 17/10/58

D-AHAF – 1/57 to 4/64

Re-reg as D-BONE* 3/58 – Sold to Autair for spares use

Convair CV-240

D-BATA* – 12/57 to 3/62

Sold to Houston Aviation Products as N2401Z

D-BEPE -11/57 to 11/61

Sold to Houston Aviation Products as N13648

D-BELU – 11/57 to 7/60

Crashed on approach to Rimini, Italy 31/7/60

D-BESI* – 12/57 to 12/62

Sold to Houston Aviation Products

D-BOBA* – 10/57 to 10/62

Sold to Houston Aviation Products as N2402Z

Convair CV-440

D-ABAB* – 7/58 to 11/66

TFR to Lufthansa 1/61 & re-reg as D-ACAT

D-ADIL* – 7/58 to 11/61

TFR to Lufthansa 1/61 & re-reg as D-ACEK

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

D-AMIR* – 8/60 to 10/60

Leased from Lufttransport-Unternehmen

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation

D-ALEC* – ?/64 to ?/64

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ALEM* – ?/64 to ?/64

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ALID* – ?/64 to ?/64

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ALIN* – ?/64 to ?/64

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ALOP* – ?/64 to ?/64

Leased from Lufthansa

Vickers Viscount

D-ANIP – 11/61 to 11/67

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ANOL – 3/64 to 11/68

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ANUN* – 2/62 to 8/69

Leased from Lufthansa

D-ANUR* – 3/63 to 11/67

Leased from Lufthansa


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