Delta Air Transport


Operated from Sep 1967 to Jan 2002

Country of Origin – Belgium

Founder/Director – Unknown

This Belgian airline began life as a small, taxi charter outfit flying light Cessna and Beechcraft twins between the Dutch and Belgian capitals and to Antwerp. The fleet was soon expanded upon with larger types arriving in the form of DC-3 and DC-6 aircraft and with their addition to the fleet,delta-c-47-oo-kvg operations increased exponentially with many flights being flown on behalf of KLM which was at the time a minority shareholder. It was in 1968 that DAT would finally put in an appearance at Southend and continued to do so on a regular basis until around the end of 1974. Most of the airline’s flights to the airport were charters which involved the transport of Belgian and sometimes Dutch day shoppers for London and as such, they would be brought in on a number of types such as DC-3s, DC-6s and Convair CV-440s with as many as four aircraft arriving on the same day. Needless to say, with a good number of DAT’s aircraft carrying VG ending registrations, such mass arrivals caused more than a few headaches for controllers until they were eventually changed in 1973.

In 1973, British Air Ferries took the decision to lease a small number of passenger aircraft to supplement its Carvairs on the cross-Channel routes and as a result of this requirement DAT DC-6B OO-VGB would spend much of the summer with the airline, although it would appear that the high traffic delta-c-54-oo-vgblevels that were expected were not forthcoming and the aircraft stood idle for long periods of time. This DC-6 was eventually handed back to DAT in October 1973 and would continue to fly to Southend on and off until the following October when it would become one of the few aircraft to be involved in a career ending incident at the airport (see ‘Prangs’ for more details). By 1975, services had effectively petered out, although the odd flight would still appear from time to time, such as in the spring of 1982 when the airline temporarily returned with yet more Belgian shoppers aboard FH-227s, the very last of these flights being made by OO-DTD on September 12th 1982


Delta Air Transport fleet from 1968 to 1982

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN are listed)

Douglas C-47/DC-3

OO-AUV* – 3/70 to 11/72

Sold to Adams Aircraft Sales as N3433U

OO-AVG – 7/70 to 12/72

Sold to Adams Aircraft Sales as N3433E

OO-DVG – 6/71 to 11/72

Sold to Adams Aircraft Sales as N3433Y

OO-KVG* – 3/71 to 11/72

Sold to Adams Aircraft Sales as N3433P

OO-VDF* – 12/67 to 12/72

Sold to Carolina Aircraft Sales as N6907

Douglas DC-4

N38934*– 5/73 to 1/74

Leased from Spantax – Purchased 8/73 – Sold to AMAZ as 9Q-COW

Douglas DC-6

OO-BVG – 12/72 to 10/74

Re-reg as OO-VGB* 6/73 – DBR at Southend 4/10/74

OO-EVG* – 4/72 to ?/74

Re-reg as OO-VGE 9/73 – Sold to Conair Aviation as C-GHLY

OO-FVG* – 12/71 to 1/75

Re-reg as OO-VGF* 7/73 – Sold to Conair Aviation as C-GHLZ

OO-LVG – 10/72 to ?/74

Re-reg as OO-VGL* 8/73 – Sold to Conair Aviation as C-GICD

OO-RVG* – 4/72 to 10/73

Re-reg as OO-VGR 8/73 – Sold to Zantop International as N3549H

OO-VGK – 8/73 to ?/74

Sold to Conair Aviation as C-GIOY

Convair CV-440

OO-PVG* – 7/72 to 6/77

Re-reg as OO-VGP 6/73 – Sold to American Airlines as N44828

OO-TVG* – 7/72 to 3/77

Re-reg as OO-VGT 2/73 – Sold to American Airlines as N44825

OO-UVG* – 7/72 to 4/77

Re-reg as OO-VGU* 9/73 – Sold to American Airlines as N44826

OO-VGJ* – 6/74 to 6/77

Sold to American Airlines as N44829

OO-VGW* – 8/74 to 7/76

Sold to Air Sea Service as HB-IMU

Fairchild FH-227

OO-DTA – 5/77 to 10/92

Sold to Aerolineas Uruguayas as CX-BQU

OO-DTB* – 4/77 to 4/92

Sold to Aerolineas Uruguayas as CX-BQT

OO-DTC – 3/77 to 6/88

Sold to ALM Antillean Airlines as PJ-FHA

OO-DTD* – 9/77 to 6/88

Sold to ALM Antillean Airlines as PJ-FHB

OO-DTE* – 5/81 to 3/90

Sold to Concord Airlines as 5N-ATL


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