Operated from Mar 1970 to Oct 1974

Country of Origin – Belgium

Founder/Director – Charles Pomme’ & John A. Dumortier

This small, Belgian airline’s history harks back to 1969 when it first began operations as Inair. The company name was then changed roughly one year later to Transpommair N.V. and then again in February 1971 to Pomair Ostend. Possessing just one DC-6 and one DC-8, the company engaged in cargo and passenger charters from its base at Ostend. However, in 1971 a second DC-6 was sub-leased to support operations and both aircraft became regular visitors to Southend. In fact, 1971 would see Pomair’s propliner equipment being chartered by British Air Ferries to run a multitude of flights between Southend and Ostend as a way of temporarily boosting their passenger carrying ability, being as at the time BAF’s own fleet was comprised solely of ageing and increasingly uneconomical mixed cargo/passenger Carvairs.


Transpommair/Pomair fleet from 1970 to 1972

Douglas DC-6

OO-CTK* – 2/70 to 5/73

TFR to Pomair 5/71 – Sold to Delta Air Transport

TF-OAD* – 5/71 to 10/71

Sub-leased from Fraktflug


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