Aer Turas


Operated from Mar 1965 to Apr 2003

Country of Origin – Ireland

Founder/Director – C.C O’Farrell and Capt. J.S. Squire

Dublin based airline Aer Turas Teoranta would be yet another of the small handful of airlines that would go on to establish a long and varied historyb170-aer-turas-ei-apc with SEN, operating a multitude of different propliners in and out of the airport to the delight of aviation enthusiasts, not to mention the fact that it would also provide the airport with its largest ever operational movement. The airline itself began air taxi services in 1963 with a single Dragon Rapide that was primarily used to cross the Irish Sea. However, these flights were pulled in September 1964 and as such, the airline underwent a complete re-organisation, which saw new management and new equipment joining the company. By the time it had become operational again, it had mostly committed itself to the transport of freight although some passenger charters were undertaken during the company’s early stages.

The year 1966 would herald in the beginning of the Aer Turas relationship with SEN when B.K.S prepared aer-turas-cl-44-ei-bgoand then dispatched a Bristol 170 to Dublin for the airline. After this, their Bristol 170s, C-54s, DC-7s, Britannias and CL-44s would regularly visit for maintenance right through until the late 1980s. However, some cargo flights would also be undertaken and during the first week of April 1975, Britannia EI-BAA would fly in and out several times with the sole purpose of hauling cigarettes from Southend to Rotterdam. However, as far as Aer Turas movements to SEN were concerned, August 21st 1998 would invoke a great deal of eye rubbing and shocked faces as one of their Lockheed L1011 Tristars (EI-COL) was seen to make an approach and then land on the runway. Needless to say, this would be the aircraft’s final flight and she was scrapped at SEN the following year.


Aer Turas fleet from 1966 to 1989

Bristol 170

EI-APC* – 3/66 to 12/72

Sold to Transportes Aeriens Reunis as F-BTYO

EI-APM – 11/66 to 6/67

WBR landing at Dublin 12/6/67

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

EI-AOR* – 2/65 to 11/69

Sold to Africair as ZS-IGC

EI-APK – 12/66 to 6/69

Sold to International Aviation Development as N6304D

EI-ARS* – 12/69 to 4/77

Sold to Air Falcon as N88887

Douglas DC-7

EI-ATT* – 2/69 to 8/71

Sold to Affretair as TR-LQC

EI-ATU – 2/69 to 4/70

Sold to Affretair as TR-LNY

EI-AWG – 11/72 to 3/74

DBR landing at Luton 3/3/74

Bristol Britannia

EI-BAA* – 5/74 to 5/81

WFU 4/79 and later scrapped

EI-BBH* – 9/75 to 11/81

Sold to Domaine de Katale as 9Q-CMO

EI-BCI – 3/78 to 9/78

Leased from Eurafric

EI-BDC – 6/77 to 9/77

Leased from Airline Engineering Ltd

Canadair CL-44

EI-BGO* – 5/79 to 6/86

WFU in Dublin 1/86 and later scrapped

EI-BRP* – 1/86 to 5/89

Leased from Aviation Leasing Group


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