Air Atlantis


Operated from May 1985 to Apr 1993

Country of Origin – Portugal

Founders/Directors – Subsidiary of TAP Portugal

Air Atlantis was a small operation started by TAP-Air Portugal to run charter flights from a number of European airports to Faro. During its short life, this airline operated no more than 6 aircraft at any one time,atlantis-737-cs-tet these being a mixture of Boeing types which included the B707, B727 and the B737. It was the latter two that would become a familiar sight at Southend from 1985 to circa 1990, operating weekday holiday trips on behalf of Burstin. Services initially began with two leased B737s until these were replaced in October by B727-100s, CS-TBL becoming the first ever B727 to visit SEN. Eventually, more B737s arrived in 1988 and these two types would then share the Faro-Southend route until late 1988 by which time it was again being flown exclusively by the B737. While flights were mostly direct, full loads would usually involve a fuel stop at Manston on the outbound leg. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, it would appear that like most other charter airlines operating into SEN at the time, the cessation of services occurred at around the same time as the winding up of Burstin Travel.


Air Atlantis fleet from 1985 to 1990

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN are listed)

Boeing 737-200

CS-TEN* – 4/85 to 10/85

Leased from TAP Portugal

CS-TEO* – 4/85 to 10/85

Leased from TAP Portugal

CS-TET* – 1/88 to 10/91

With Canadian Airlines from 11/88 to 5/89 – TFR to TAP Portugal

CS-TEU* – 5/88 to 10/89

Leased from TAP Portugal

CS-TEV* – 11/88 to 12/95

Sold to LACSA as N261LR

Boeing 727-100

CS-TBK* – 5/86 to 12/87

Leased from TAP Portugal

CS-TBL* – 10/85 to 7/89

Leased from TAP Portugal


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