Air Truck


Operated from Nov 1987 to Jan 1997

Country of Origin – Spain

Founders/Directors – Unknown

This airline was a small operation that flew a total of four, cargo configured business jets in the form of Falcon 20C/Ds. A large amount of their service lives would be spent operating on behalf of freight company DHL, although the airline would quite naturally ship goods under its own banner. It was during December 1989 that Air Truck started appearing at Southend, bringing in smaller parts and spares from the Ford Motor Company in Valencia, a service that would continue to run on an reasonably regular basis over the next few years.


Air Truck fleet from 1989 to 1995

Dassault Falcon 20C/D

EC-EDO* – 11/87 to 7/96

Sold to Kitty Hawk Aircargo as N699TW

EC-EGM* – 12/87 to 9/96

Sold to Ameristar Jet Charter as N204TW

EC-EIV – 5/88 to 7/96

Sold to Ameristar Jet Charter as N221TW

EC-FAM* – 11/90 to 1/97

Sold to Kitty Hawk Airlines N228CK


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