Operated from May 1986 to Jun 1988

Country of Origin – Spain

Founder/Director – Cristobal Valladolid

This short lived, Madrid based airline began life as a cargo outfit whose initial remit was the transportation of goods to the Canary Islands and Northern Africa with its small fleet of DC-8 aircraft. However, these intended freight operations did not go to plan and before long, Canafrica had instead found plenty of work flying passenger charters for Spanish football supporters, British sun seeking tourists and hadjis to Mecca. It was for one summer season only that this airline would operate on-off flights primarily to Palma from Southend with two leased MD-83s chartered by Burstin Travel. Flights operated between March and September 1987 after which Canafrica would be seen at the airport no more due to concerns revolving around operations from SEN’s short runway.


Canafrica fleet in 1987

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

EC-ECN*– 4/87 to 5/88

Leased from GPA Group

EC-ECO*– 4/87 to 6/88

Leased from GPA Group


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