Danish Air Transport


Has Operated from Oct 1988 to Present

Country of Origin – Denmark

Founder/Director – Jesper and Kirsten Rungholm

Without a shadow of a doubt one of aviation’s more colourful airlines, DAT began life as a pure cargo outfit hauling post, parcels, bloodstock and even supplies for the yearly Paris-Dakar rally with a single Short SC.7 Skyvan which was also licensed for skydiving. However, a shift in direction would come during 1993 when the airline also commenced passenger charters and began slowly building up a small fleet of Beechcraft business twins some of which were converted for light freight use with one King Air also being retained for skydiving while the others were used to haul passengers. By 1996, the company had taken a step further into the scheduled domestic market and leasing and by the turn of the century, had a moderately sized fleet of modern turboprop and jet airliners.

Southend would first witness the arrival of Danish Air Transport in May 1993 when King Air OY-JRO flew in on what would become regular nightly cargo charters. Passing the airport every morning from this point forward, it was rare not to see one of their aircraft parked up on the northern apron until departing mid-morning. These charters would invariably carry on for many years up until 2001 when a Beech 99 became a regular feature, SEN having been selected as a temporary base for this aircraft. Indeed, while cargo operations may have petered out, passenger flights have continued up until the current day although these are mostly as a result of DAT leased aircraft being flown on Southend’s regular passenger services by operators such as Aer Arann, Stobart Air or Cityjet.


Danish Air Transport fleet from 1993 to 2000

Short S.C.7 Skyvan

OY-JRK* – 4/89 to 3/05

Sold to Pink Aviation Services as OE-FDK

Beech 90/200 King Air

OY-JRN* – 1/98 to 12/02

Sold to Ikaros Fly A/S

OY-JRO* – 8/91 to 9/07

Sold to Trans Euro Air as G-OJRO

Beech 99

OY-PAG* – 12/00 to 12/03

Sold to Alberta Ltd as C-FJMF

Swearingen Metro

OY-BYN* – 2/94 to 2/95

Sold to Richard Jagitsch as N81969


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