Holland Aero Lines


Operated from Mar 1985 to c.Nov 1986

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founder/Director – Holland Air Leasing

This Rotterdam based airline previously began life as ‘HAL’ a small taxi and ad-hoc charter carrier that used twin-engined Navajo Chieftains. With the dropping of Air UK’s Southend-Rotterdam service in September 1983, HAL saw a chance to get in on the cross-Channel action and subsequently sought route approval and then new equipment to carry out these services. By early 1985, the main remit of the newly titled Holland Aero Lines had become the operation of short-hop scheduled flights primarily for businessmen and women from Holland to the U.K. these services beginning in the spring with a rather unusual type rarely seen in European skies, namely the GAF Nomad.

Two of these aircraft were summarily overhauled and then soundproofed to improve cabin comfort before being put into service flying the three times per day Rotterdam-Southend service which began on February 11th 1985 – Nomad PH-HAG making the very first visit. The second aircraft PH-HAL however, wouldn’t put in an appearance until the 2nd of May. That being said, at times it became difficult to fill all of the seats and the Nomads would occasionally find themselves being replaced by the smaller PA-31s of Holland Aero Lines & associate airline Tesora Aviation, two of which frequented SEN in the form of PH-NTB and PH-JGM. Needless to say, these flights were eventually reduced to twice daily. 

As Holland Aero Lines began to expand its operations to Norwich and destinations on the Continent, it started looking for larger aircraft to supplement and then replace the rather noisy Nomads. Thus at the end of 1985, the first of three ATR-42s joined the airline and it wasn’t long before this type put in an appearance at SEN, the first to do so being PH-ATR on March 8th 1986. However, despite applying for a considerable number of new routes in attempts to expand its network further, it would appear that few if any of them were approved and as a consequence, this put the future of the company in serious jeopardy. Sadly, the airline then began its downward spiral towards the end of 1986 although the exact reason for its demise is unknown.


Holland Aero Lines fleet from 1985 to 1986

GAF Nomad

PH-HAG* – 10/84 to 6/87

Sold to U.S. Airleases Inc as N870US

PH-HAL* – 1/85 to 6/87

Sold to U.S. Airleases Inc as N871US

Piper PA-31 Navajo

PH-JGM*– 3/82 to 8/85

Sold to Erdna B.V.

PH-NTB*– 11/83 to 6/87

Sold to Tesoro Aviation B.V.


PH-ATR* – 3/86 to 3/87

Repo by Nevi Finance Netherlands

PH-HWJ* – 1/86 to 3/87

Repo by Nevi Finance Netherlands


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