Alaska International Air


Operated from July 1972 to Feb 1984

Country of Origin – United States of America

Founders/Directors – James S. Magoffin, Neil G. Bergt and George M. Kamats

This airline began life in 1946 as Interior Airways which was mostly tasked with hauling freight around the unforgiving outback of Alaska. By the 1960’s the airline looked to the civil L-100 version of the Hercules to support pipeline construction work within the state and by the mid-70s, around 15 of the type had found themselves either on or having passed through this airline’s fleet manifest. It was from the mid-70s that Alaska International spent short but industrious periods at Southend, initially freighting generators and various oversized medical equipment including ambulances to Athens, Beirut, Dublin, Kano and Muscat. Four of the type would venture into SEN between October 1973 and June 1974 where they would generally sit on the apron awaiting their loads with their GPUs running for much of the night, to the consternation of some of the SEN night crew one might add. Further visits were also recorded during July and November 1976 and June 1979.


Alaska International Air fleet for 1973 to 1974 and 1976 to 1979

Lockheed L-100 Hercules

N104AK*– 10/68 to 2/84

TFR to Markair

N107AK*– 11/74 to 6/78

Leased from Safair until 4/76 – Sold to Trans International Airlines

N7999S* – 7/72 to 10/74

Crashed landing at Old Man’s Camp, Alaska – 27/10/74

N9259R* – 10/73 to 9/77

Sold to CTA Angola as D2-FAF

N9262R* – 7/72 to 2/84

TFR to Markair

N9265R* – 7/72 to 2/84

TFR to Markair


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