Operated from Aug 1982 to Jul 1989

Country of Origin – Spain

Founders/Directors – Gabriel Martinez, Fernado Valino, Rafael Salamanca and Carlos Gonzales

This small Mallorca based airline sprang up during the late summer of 1982 and by the end of the year, it was running I.T. and charter flights to thehispania-737-ec-dvn Spanish coastal resorts, the Balearics and the Canaries from destinations in France, Germany and the UK. It was in April 1984 that in conjunction with Burstin’s, Hispania started running Sunday morning passenger flights from Southend to Alicante, Mallorca (Palma) and Malaga, mostly with Sud SE-210 Caravelles which were always a rare yet welcome sight for aviation enthusiasts. The following year would witness a slight decline in Caravelle visits and a schedule change with flights now limited to Palma which operated on Saturdays. Another change saw leased Boeing 737-200s beginning to appear on the route from April 5th 1985, although both types would continue to frequent SEN until Hispania pulled out at the end of 1986.


Hispania fleet from 1984 to 1986

Sud SE-210 Caravelle

EC-CIZ – ?/?? to 3/86

Sold to Pelican Express as SE-DEB

EC-CPI*– ?/?? to 12/87

Sold to Europa Aero Service as F-GFBI

EC-CYI*– ?/84 to ?/84

Leased from LTU

EC-DCN*– 4/83 to 12/87

Sold to Europe Aero Service as F-GFBH

Boeing 737-200

EC-DVN*– 4/85 to 11/88

Leased from Transavia

EC-DXV*– 11/85 to 12/88

Leased from GPA Group

EC-DZB – 5/86 to 1/89

Leased from GPA Group


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