Operated from Oct 1968 to c.Nov 1972

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founder/Director – Unknown

Little is known about this small Dutch airline with the exception of the fact that it never operated more than two C-47 aircraft and that both airframes moormanair-crashwere primarily used for passengers charters. It was in its last year of operations during 1971 that Moormanair flew a number of football supporter flights and day-trip charters to Southend. However, the airport would somewhat inadvertently play its part in the downfall of this airline when on June 3rd 1971, one of its aircraft was damaged beyond repair after returning to Southend having developed a fault and subsequently slid off of the runway on landing (you can read more about this in the ‘Prangs’ menu above). Needless to say, the airline continued to soldier on but by the autumn it had been wound up with its sole remaining aircraft being put up for sale early in 1973.


Moormanair fleet in 1971

Douglas C-47 Dakota

PH-MAG* – 10/68 to 5/73

Sold to Scorpio Films B.V.

PH-MOA* – 12/70 to 6/71

D.B.R. after running off the runway at Southend 3/6/71


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