Karl Herfurtner/Trans-Avia Flug


Operated from Nov 1955 to Jun 1959

Country of Origin – Germany

Founders/Directors – Karl Herfurtner/Dr Tigges & Dr Fischer

Initially owned by the renowned German hotelier Karl Herfurtner, the first incarnation of this airline operated for just over two years, acquiring most of its equipment from British airlines. Luftrederi Karl Herfurtner Dusseldorf operated Vikings on mostly European charters although towards the end of its life having obtained a solitary DC-4, it flew a small amount of transatlantic charters until the aircraft was destroyed just after taking off from Dusseldorf in November 1957. Both this and a Viking crash two months earlier eventually brought the airline down and it was later passed into the hands of Dr Tigges and Dr Fischer of the Tigges Fahrten travel agency who had previously been Herfurtner’s biggest customer. The airline was subsequently reorganised and in December 1957 renamed as Trans-Avia Fluggesellschaft. While Herfurtner and Trans-Avia Vikings flew only a small number of charters into Southend, their Vikings would fly in regularly for maintenance and overhauls.

German trade delegation arrives at Southend in a Trans-Avia Viking

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Karl Herfurtner fleet from 1956 to 1959

Vickers Viking

D-ADEL – 2/56 to 9/57

DBR after runway excursion at Mallorca – 26/9/57

D-ADEN – 3/57 to 11/59

Re-reg to D-AGAD – 3/57 – TFR to Trans-Avia Flug 12/57 as D-BGAD 12/57 – Re-reg as D-BEPO – Sold to Airnautic as F-BJER

D-AFIX – 12/55 to 6/59

TFR to Trans-Avia Flug 12/57 as D-BABA* Sold to Continental A/S as G-AJBX

D-AHUF – 4/57 to 6/59

TFR to Trans-Avia Flug 12/57 – Re-reg as D-BASE*– Sold to Elimeditteranea as I-RASC

D-CEDA – 11/55 to 2/59

Re-reg as D-AEDA – 11/55 – TFR to Trans-Avia 12/57 – Re-reg as D-BACU*– Sold to Airnautic as F-BIPT

D-CEDO – 10/55 to 6/59

Re-reg as D-AEDO – 11/55 – TFR to Trans-Avia Flug 12/57 as D-BEDO – Re-reg as D-BOBY*– Sold to Continental A/S as G-AMGH


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