Iscargo Iceland


Operated from Mar 1973 to Apr 1980

Country of Origin – Iceland

Founder/Director – Arne Gudjonsson

Iscargo Island T/F was formed to fly freight charters from its base in Reykjavik to destinations worldwide although operations would generally be confined to Europe. Work was carried out by two DC-6s one of which had been converted to a pure freighter with a large, side opening door and it was this aircraft (TF-IUB) that was for the most, seen at SEN. This airline first put in an appearance at Southend in late 1974 and over the years would continue to fly all manner of goods to and from the Continent including automotive parts and spares, livestock, fresh seafood and rubber tyres, not to mention a total of 32 cigarette flights undertaken between Southend & Rotterdam from January 9th to February 2nd 1979. However, operations finally stopped early in 1980 with the winding up of the airline.


Iscargo Island fleet from 1974 to 1980

Douglas DC-6

TF-IUB* – 4/74 to 4/80

WFU in Reykjavik – Cockpit saved for a museum

TF-OAA* – 6/73 to 5/77

WFU in Reykjavik – Scrapped circa 1983

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