Interocean Airways


Operated from Mar 1960 to Jun 1966

Country of Origin – Luxembourg

Founder/Director – Henry Pransky

One of the very few airlines from Luxembourg to frequent Southend’s skies was Interocean Airways S.A. a subsidiary of Intercontinental U.S. Inc. During the ’60s, Interocean would build up an impressive fleet with as many as seven C-54s and two Super Constellations on its books although only the former would ever put in an appearance at Southend. This airline would undertake almost any work offered to it from charters to inclusive tours and cargo flights to maritime crew positioning. The company was also known to undertake refugee flights and engage in relief operations. Indeed it was the latter which saw Interocean becoming the very first foreign customer for ATEL’s new Carvair with two eventually being sold to the airline as Richard Goring relates below…

C-54A G-AREK (ex D-ADAL) was one of two Carvair conversions for Intercontinental U.S. ordered for operations on a United Nations contract within what was then The Congo. They were finished as pure freighters with strengthened floors, without the rear passenger cabin and its rectangular windows. It was delivered to Intercontinental in Luxembourg in November 1962 as N9757F, but within a month was transferred to their subsidiary, Interocean Airways as LX-IOG. The UN contract ended in mid-1963 and in September it had the passenger cabin and windows installed at Southend by ATEL. In 1973 the aircraft was restored to the British Register as G-AREK with BAF at Southend.

On June 18th & August 26th 1962 the company Aero Commander N9368R turned up at SEN, returning again on September 12th with a crew who were to be trained on the Carvair. However, as far as the aircraft themselves were concerned, the second Carvair N9758F had actually been dispatched to Intercontinental first and didn’t go into service with Interocean until roughly a month after LX-IOG now carrying the registration LX-IOH. This aircraft was also sent to the humid climes of Central Africa to provide passenger and cargo relief flights from its base at Leopoldville (now Kinshasa) in the Belgian Congo. However, apart from regular visits from the Carvairs for maintenance and servicing, the airline also sent a good number of its C-54s to Southend from 1960 when a dock strike at many ports in the U.K. including Tilbury resulted in many flights being made from Rotterdam with chilled Argentinian beef, while other cargo and occasionally passengers services would arrive on and off up until 1965. In the meantime, overhauls on the company’s C-54s were also frequently carried out by ATEL.

Many thanks to Richard Goring and Peter Clark for providing extra information for this page.


Interocean fleet from 1960 to 1965

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

LX-BNG – 3/61 to 8/62

Sold to Aviation Traders as G-ASDC

LX-HEP* – 5/61 to 6/66

WFU in Luxembourg and scrapped 7/67

LX-IAL* – 7/60 to 5/66

Leased from Loftleidir Iceland

LX-IOA* – 7/60 to 3/66

Sold to E Riis Flyrederi as LN-KAE

LX-IOB – 1/62 to 5/63

Sold to Aerovias Panama as HP-382

LX-IOE – 4/62 to 8/63

Sold to Savannah Invest Corp as N1437V

LX-LMK* – 3/61 to 4/64

Sold to Aviation Traders

Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvair

LX-IOG*– 12/62 to 5/65

Sold to Cie Air Transport as F-BHMV

LX-IOH*– 1/63 to 6/65

Sold to Cie Air Transport as F-BMHU


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