European Air Transport/DHL


Operated from c.Jun 1971 to Feb 2010

Country of Origin – Belgium

Founders/Directors – Mr Perlot de Corbion and Mr Dessain

EAT initiated its business proceedings with the formation of a taxi charter service which employed a couple of Queen Air twins to carry out its flights. It wasn’t long before the business was expanded and in 1973, the company started pilot tuition with Piper aircraft and as a result became the first Piper Flying School in Europe. It was 12 years later that EAT would eventually enter the big time by signing a contract with DHL to fly its freight across much of Europe and the African continent. This would inevitably witness a huge growth of its fleet although a good number of these aircraft were operated under lease. This cooperation worked so well that by the following year, EAT had become part of the DHL Group of Companies.

As far as Southend was concerned, flights would start in 1987 with Convair CV-580 OO-DHC making its first appearance on November 11th and until late 1988, CV-580s would turn up in both EAT and DHL guises, along with the odd EAT CASA C-212 or Metroliner. As with the nightly Danish Air Transport service, it was unusual not to see one of EAT/DHLs aircraft sitting on the northern apron as the sun came up. Flights would then continue to operate more or less nightly for the next 18 months until being withdrawn due to the company’s desire to use larger aircraft that could not be operated from SEN and thus the last visit would be made on May 28th 1989 by CV-580 OO-DHG. However, a small number of DHLs Boeing 727s and 757s have since frequented the airport, although these visits were purely for maintenance purposes.


EAT/DHL fleet from 1987 to 1989

Convair CV-580

OO-DHB*– 9/87 to 3/95

Leased from Corp Air Inc until 4/88 – Bought by DHL – Sold to Swiftair as EC-830

OO-DHC* – 10/87 to 5/00

Leased from Corp Air Inc

OO-DHD*– 10/87 to 12/96

Sold to Swiftair as EC-GKH

OO-DHE* – 7/88 to 2/06

Sold to N580 Inc as N588X

OO-DHF* – 9/88 to 2/00

Leased from Great Lakes Airlines until 12/88 – Bought by DHL – Sold to Swiftair as EC-HJU

OO-DHG* – 4/89 to 7/95

Sold to Swiftair as EC-943

OO-DHH – 9/88 to 3/96

Sold to Swiftair as EC-255

OO-DHI – 9/88 to 5/95

Sold to Swiftair as EC-899

OO-DHJ – 9/88 to 1/96

Sold to SNAS Aviation as HZ-SN14

OO-DHL* – 1/88 to 5/00

Sold to Swiftair as EC-HMS

OO-VGH*– 7/87 to 9/91

Leased from Frevag NV until 11/88 – Bought by DHL – WFU for spares and B/U

Swearingen SA-226 Metroliner

OO-JPI – 2/76 to 7/94

Sold to Swiftair as EC-FZB

OO-JPK – 10/74 to 1/90

Sold to SNAS Aviation as HZ-SN9

OO-JPN* – ?/?? to ?/??

Sold to Swiftair as EC-509

OO-JPY – 2/78 to ?/??

Sold to RFG Regionalflug as D-ICRL

OO-VGA – 9/86 to 1/91

Sold to Intair Quebec as C-GIQC

OO-VGC*– 9/86 to 1/90

Sold to Frevag Airlines

OO-VGG – ?/?? to 1/91

Sold to Intair Quebec as C-GIQK

OO-XGO – 4/88 to 12/90

Sold to Airlines 1992 as OO-NNN

CASA C-212 Aviocar

OO-FKY* – 9/86 to 1/91

Leased from Finop Lease NV


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