Operated from 1969 to c.Jun 1974

Country of Origin – Iceland

Founder/Director – Unknown

Not a great deal is known about this airline although it was likely a cargo only concern being as its name translates into ‘Freight Flight’ in English. The airline was comprised mostly of DC-6 equipment although a Boeing 707 was temporarily leased, but this would never come to Southend. Fragtflug’s aircraft were seen at Southend from May 1971 onwards with two aircraft TF-OAA and TF-OAB arriving within three days of each other, the former with a cargo of cherries while the pair would undergo checks with ATEL. Further visits were few and far between but one recorded visit was made in October and another in May¬† 1972 when the third DC-6 TF-OAE turned up at the airport. Sadly, this aircraft would be lost in a serious crash in Germany during 1974 which contributed greatly towards the collapse of the company.


Fraktflug Island fleet from 1971 to 1972

TF-OAA* – 1/70 to 6/73

Sold to Iscargo Iceland

TF-OAB* – 5/69 to 5/72

Sold to Boreas Corp as N14436

TF-OAE* – 10/72 to 5/74

Crashed nr Nuremburg, Germany 6/5/74


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