Visited SEN from Jun 1984 to Sep 1992

If you were to ask any aviation enthusiast as to which type of aircraft had frequented Southend Airport the most over the years, then you would probably hear the reply ‘the Viscount’ and with approximately 100 plus airframes having passed through SEN since the 1950s, you could forgive the person in question for providing such a response. However, the correct answer would in fact be the Saab 340. From mid-1984 through to the autumn of 1992, Saab in Link√∂ping, Sweden dispatched just over 300 of the type to the airport, most of them turning up in green primer or a plain livery adorned with a Class-B registration in the format SE-Exx, Fxx or Gxx.

The sole reason that these aircraft came to Southend was to clear customs before heading off to Metair at West Malling for painting and in most cases, the fitting of their interiors which after 1987 was undertaken by associate Field Aircraft Services. These aircraft would then return to Southend to be cleared again before heading back to Sweden. However, in September 1992 a new contract would see Saab’s refinishing needs being relocated to Biggin Hill, an airport with its own custom facilities and thus from this point onwards, most of these Saab flights ceased. Needless to say, SEN has still seen the odd privately owned Saab 340 and the newer Saab 2000 passing through for refinishing with Air Livery.

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A few examples of Saab 340s that have passed through SEN:

SE-E06 – Seen at SEN 20/6/84

First Saab 340 to arrive at SEN – Del to Fairchild Industries/Comair 7/84 as N360CA

SE-E09 – Seen at SEN 28/8/84

Third Saab 340 to arrive at SEN – Del to Crossair 10/84 as HB-AHC

SE-E12 – Seen at SEN 14/3/85

Del to Fairchild Industries/Fleet National Bank of Connecticut 3/85 as N380CA

SE-E19 – Seen at SEN 9/2/85

Del to Fairchild Industries/Air Midwest 12/84 as N343AM

SE-E31 – Seen at SEN 3/8/85

Del to Fairchild Industries/Express Airlines 8/85 as N321PX

SE-E37 – Seen at SEN 2/3/89

Del to Norving A/S 12/85 as LN-NVD

SE-E47 – Seen at SEN 15/1/86

Del to Comair 12/85 as N358CA

SE-E58 – Seen at SEN 7/6/86

Del to Connecticut National Bank 6/86 as N402BH

SE-E68 – Seen at SEN 19/12/86

Del to Fleet National Bank of Connecticut 7/87 as N328PX

SE-E81 – Seen at SEN 9/3/87

Del to Europe Air/Air France 3/87 as F-GELG

SE-E94 – Seen at SEN 11/9/87

Del to Transportes Aereos Neuquen 9/87 as LV-AXV

SE-F17 – Seen at SEN 31/3/88

Del to Brittany Air International/Air France 4/88 as F-GHDB

SE-F21 – Seen at SEN 23/6/88

Del to Templehof Airways 7/88 as N109TA

SE-F27 – Seen at SEN 18/8/88

Del to Formosa Airlines 9/88 as B-12299

SE-F33 – Seen at SEN 3/11/88

Del to Brintesia Aviation 11/88 as SE-ISM

SE-F54 – Seen at SEN 30/11/89

Del to Formosa Airlines 12/89 as B-12266

SE-F70 – Seen at SEN 8/7/90

Del to the Swedish Air Force 2/90 as 10001

SE-G45 – Seen at SEN 14/5/91

Del to American Eagle Leasing Corp 6/91 as N245AE

SE-G49 – Seen at SEN 4/6/91

Del to Express Airlines 6/91 as N361PX

SE-G57 – Seen at SEN 6/8/91

Del to Nordbanken Finans AB/Aer Lingus 8/91 as EI-CFD


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