Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk31 – c/n 13216

With CAB/BUAF/BAF from Feb 1959 to Aug 1970

Given Name – ‘Victory’

Being the only Mk31 B170 left in the fleet, her use as a vehicle ferry was now somewhat academic, not to mention uneconomical being as she was capable of lifting only two vehicles. So, almost immediately after her official transfer into Channel Air Bridge’s ownership, Mike Foxtrot was fitted out with a 53 seat cabin and given the task of hauling passengers across the Channel, alongside the C-54s that were now also flying these routes. As such, G-ANMF would be the very last British B170 to fly pure, scheduled passenger services. Needless to say, this B170 could still carry a small amount of freight in her nose and would often return with goods, especially when working on the Rotterdam route.

Despite her transferral to BUAF on January 1st 1963, she would continue to function in this manner until the end of the autumn, by which time a b170-g-anmf-buafslight but clear drop in passenger numbers would see her reverting back to a pure freighter. Somewhat inevitably, she would only fly cargo from this point onwards, first from Southend and later from Lydd where she was transferred to in 1967. Freight charters were however plentiful for this aircraft and she would also be called upon to help out during national strikes, one such example taking place at the end of June 1967 when a rail strike saw her hauling newspapers and mail from Tees-side for several days. However, by the following summer she had been withdrawn and sat engineless at Lydd until being broken up for spares.


History of G-ANMF

1/54 to 8/54

The Bristol Aeroplane Company as G-18-192

8/54 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd

2/59 to 1/63

Channel Air Bridge

1/63 to 10/67

British United Air Ferries

10/67 to 8/70

British Air Ferries

(Spares use only)


WFU Lydd 8/67 – TFR to BAF 10/67 for spares and finally B/U 8/70


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