Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk32 – c/n 13252

With CAB/BUAF from Feb 1959 to Jul 1970

Given Name – ‘Vigilant’

Having been stored at Stansted for the winter of 1958/59, G-ANVS was brought back into service just after her official transfer into CAB ownership. She was then painted up and dispatched to Southend from where she would primarily carry out vehicle ferry services. Also, having come to an arrangement with the French authorities, CAB were given permission to fly the very first ‘non-passport’ day trips to Calais. Victor Sierra would operate the very first flight on March 20th 1959, although the clamour to make bookings had been much bigger than expected and as a consequence of this, C-54 G-ANYB was fitted out with a passenger cabin and accompanied the B170 on this inaugural service.

By October of that year, VS was returned to Stansted where she was once again wrapped up for the winter and would not be awoken again until March 1960 once more to fly the cross-Channel services. The winter of 1960/61 would see yet another withdrawal, although this time she would wake to a full overhaul in March 1961. It would appear that during her tenure with Channel Air Bridge, she would be temporarily dispatched to Lydd sometime in 1962, possibly as a result of the impending CAB and Silver City merger. Needless to say, a Silver City B170 was sent to Southend to replace her in the form of G-ANWN.

The following year however, would see her return to Southend for her new BUAF livery and once there, she would revert mostly to the freight roll.bua-b170-g-anvs However, by May 1965 she had become one of the first Southend B170s to be transferred officially to Lydd where she would spend the rest of her days operating the ever dwindling number of vehicle ferry services and by the summer of 1967, she was one of only four B170s left operating these flights. Unfortunately, she would not quite make it into BAF service being withdrawn just a month after the change over and like many other B170s, she would sit engineless at Lydd until the summer of 1970 when she was finally broken up.


History of G-ANVS

4/55 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd (purchased 12/57)

2/59 to 1/63

TFR to Channel Air Bridge Ltd

1/63 to 10/67

TFR to British United Air Ferries

10/67 to 7/70

TFR to British Air Ferries


WFU Lydd 11/67 and B/U 7/70


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