Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk32 – c/n 13257

With CAB/BUAF from Feb 1959 to May 1967

Given Name – ‘Venture’

In October 1958, a number of ACL’s Bristol 170s were selected for a temporary winter withdrawal and Uniform Uniform would be one of them.cab-b170-southend-g-aouu However, the following year this aircraft would get off to a late start and it wasn’t until May 1959 that she was reactivated and pulled into the ATEL hangar at Stansted for a full overhaul before returning to Southend for a summer of ferry services. Sadly, very little is known about both her CAB and BUAF service history, although one major trip would see her hauling machinery and computer equipment to Germany on behalf of LEP in 1961 while she would occasionally be used to ferry racehorses too. She was eventually dispatched to Lydd in June 1965 where she was almost immediately withdrawn, used as a source of spares and would in the process become the very first of the Southend Mk32s to be broken up.


History of G-AOUU

1/57 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd (purchased 12/58)

2/59 to 1/63

TFR to Channel Air Bridge

1/63 to 10/67

TFR to British United Air Ferries


WFU Lydd 6/65 and B/U 5/67


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