Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk32 – c/n 13258

With CAB/BUAF from Feb 1959 to Apr 1968

Given Name – ‘Valour’

Bristol 170 Uniform Victor wouldn’t enter service with Channel Air Bridge until the spring of 1960, having just recently returned from a two year lease with SABENA. Needless to say, she exited the hangar resplendent in her new livery and was like most of the other B170s, given the task of hauling passengers and vehicles across the Channel along with a small number of freight runs. By the beginning of 1962 the much larger Carvairs had begun to appear and on April 18th G-AOUV would be given the somewhat ignominious task of hauling a TV crew into the air to film one of her successors G-ANYB swanning about in all her glory over Benfleet, Essex.

However, with another company relaunch in 1963 came a slight change to her work duties and G-AOUV eventually found herself being converted to carry bloodstock. bua-b170-g-aouvEven after the transferral of her home base from Southend to Lydd in June 1965 she would continue to carry out such work. From this point on she transported mostly racehorses, turning up all over the UK with 1966 being one of her busiest years. This year in particular would see her turning up at such places as Speke on March 24th, Cambridge on April 4th and June 9th, while Yeadon would receive a visit on September 10th. Unfortunately though, Uniform Victor never made it into BAF service having already been withdrawn in May 1967.


History of G-AOUV

1/57 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd (purchased 12/58)

2/59 to 1/63

TFR to Channel Air Bridge Ltd

1/63 to 10/67

TFR to British United Air Ferries

10/67 to 4/68

TFR to British Air Ferries


WFU Lydd 5/67 and B/U 4/68


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