Intra Airways


Operated from Jan 1969 to Nov 1979

Main Base – Jersey

Founders/Directors – Capt G.L.Gillborn and Capt D.H.’Bill’ Stewart

Disgruntled ex-BUA pilots would be the motivating force behind this new airline which had planned to offer flights between Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. However, Aurigny was not happy with such competition and as a result, the application was rejected. So, Intra would instead concentrate on flying freight between the islands and the mainland, particularly to the southern regions of the UK, while passenger flights would operate in the opposite direction, namely to France and Germany. New routes and services were added over the next few years, namely I.T charters between the islands and Ostend in 1970, while the period from 1971 to 1973 would see Intra moving into scheduled flights when they took over routes that BMA had abandoned.

Needless to say, Intra was a frequent visitor to SEN from 1970 onwards with its C-47s turning up on a multitude of freight runs. The numerous strikes intra-viscount-g-bdrcthat took place during the ’70s would also give the company plenty to do and during such times, Intra’s visits would increase. From 1976 onwards, Viscounts began to replace the C-47s and quite naturally, these aircraft would not only gravitate to Southend for engineering work, but they would also operate the odd passenger charter to and from the airport too. Meanwhile, the C-47s would continue to visit the airport until 1978 by which time, many of them were being disposed of. The following year, Intra became Jersey European Airways which would continue to maintain good relations with SEN.


Intra Airways fleet from 1970 to 1979

Douglas C-47 Dakota

G-AKNB*– 3/69 to 10/78

Sold to Clyden Airways as EI-BDU

G-AMHJ*– 6/75 to 11/79

TFR to Jersey European Airways

G-AMPO – 8/75 to 4/78

Leased from McDonald Aviation until 4/76 – Sold to Vistair Flight Ltd

G-AMPY*– 11/70 to 11/79

TFR to Jersey European Airways

G-AMPZ*– 4/73 to 9/78

Sold to Clyden Airways as EI-BDT

G-AMRA – 8/76 to 7/78

Sold to Eastern Airways

G-AMYJ*– 9/72 to 11/78

Sold to Eastern Airways

Vickers 700/810 Viscount

G-ARGR – 3/76 to 6/76

Leased from Alidair

G-AVJB*– 12/76 to 11/79

TFR to Jersey European Airways

G-BAPE – 10/77 to 11/79

TFR to Jersey European Airways

G-BAPG*– 1/78 to 11/79

TFR to Jersey European Airways

G-BDIK – 4/76 to 10/76

Leased from Alidair

G-BDRC*– 3/76 to 10/77

Leased from Alidair


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