Jersey European Airways

Operated from Nov 1979 to Jun 2000

Main Base – Jersey

Founder/Director – John Habin

In November 1979, this immediate successor to Intra Airways merged with Express Air Services and simply continued business as usual after its re-organisation, although within less that a year, the two airlines would split and as a result, JEA would slim down tremendously before new and smaller types entered service only to grow again over the next few years. By late 1980, it’s three Viscounts had been withdrawn and replaced with a pair of DHC-6 Twin Otters and a single Embraer Bandeirante, although more of both types would follow as operations became busier. However, in 1983 Spacegrand Aviation took over the airline and it was from this point on that JEA would begin serious expansion adding a multitude of types to its fleet over the next ten years until finally re-lauching itself again in 2000, this time as British European/Flybe.

Suffice to say, the long lasting relationship with Southend nurtured by Intra would continue with JEA and during 1980 the Viscounts would carry on flying summer charters between Southend and the Channel Islands. These routes would however be dropped with the departure of the Viscounts and in 1981, it was left to Air UK to pick up where JEA had left off. In the same year, Jersey signed a contract with the Royal Mail to provide a postal service between Southend and Liverpool with several stops being made along the way. As a result of this, a Twin Otter was sent to Southend where it would fly a nightly SEN-STN-EMA-LPL route while dropping in at EMA and STN on the return leg. In the meantime, an additional short lived passenger service between Southend and Paris was also being trialled around 1985/86. The postal service would however survive until the late 1980s although in 1986, it was eventually taken over by Hubbardair. Otherwise, Southend would later be visited by a small number of JEA’s F-27s, although these would arrive for refinishing purposes only.


Jersey European Airways fleet from 1979 to 1986

Vickers 810 Viscount

G-AVJB*– 11/79 to 9/81

WFU at East Midlands 12/80 – Sold to British Air Ferries

G-BAPE*– 11/79 to 10/80

Sold to Southern International A/T

G-BAPG– 11/79 to 3/80

Sold to British Midland Airways

De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter

G-BGMC*– 10/82 to 11/85

Re-reg as G-JEAC*– Sold to Loganair

G-BKBC*– 4/81 to 2/86

Leased from the British Antarctic Survey as VP-FAQ until 8/81 – Sold to Wideroes F/S as LN-FKB

G-OJEA – 7/80 to 2/85

Sold to RRC Air Service as ET-AIL

Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

G-BGYT*– 9/85 to 3/88

Leased from Valdez Airlines

G-BGYV – 9/85 to 2/88

Leased from Air UK

G-BHJY*– 3/80 to 9/83

Sold to Alexandra Aviation

G-BIBE – 11/85 to 5/90

Sold to Euro Flight Sweden as SE-IYZ


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