Below you will find a list of aircraft that Tradair were either acquired or purchased for spares use only. This list is arranged in chronological order from the date that the airframe arrived with the airline.



Vickers 621 Viking 1A – c/n 140

With Tradair from Oct 1959 to Nov 1962

This former Napier test bed was purchased as an ex-RAF aircraft registered VL229, although she was delivered to Southend as G-AWPS on October 10th 1959. While the intention was initially to convert her for airline use, the amount of work required to obtain her CoA was considered too excessive and thus she was subsequently mothballed and used for spares instead, her tail later being removed for use on Viking G-AIXR while donating one of her wings to G-AKTV in mid-1961. The remaining airframe however, was scrapped just prior to Tradair’s collapse in November 1962.

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Vickers 614 Viking 1A – c/n 137


With Tradair from Nov 1961 to Jun 1962

This Viking was bought by Tradair from Continental Air Services in November 1961, although she never flew to Southend and was instead reduced to spares at Gatwick where she had been WFU. Everything that could be salvaged from the aircraft was later moved to SEN by road and the registration was subsequently cancelled during June 1962.



Vickers 498 Viking 1A – c/n 122

G-AHOU Universal

With Tradair from Nov 1961 to Dec 1962

This former Swiss Universal Viking had previously operated at SEN with Overseas Aviation before moving to Gatwick. She eventually came back to Southend and found herself with Tradair via the now defunct Air Safaris. However, the Basle service that she had previously flown was never reinstated and thus the aircraft was instead WFU by the airline and used for spares. She remained at Southend for the rest of her life, becoming derelict before being scrapped by Channel Airways during June 1963.


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