Southern Air Transport


Operated from 1947 to October 1998

Country of Origin – The United States of America

Founder/Director – F.C ‘Doc’ Moor

Up until 1960, Southern Air Transport was a rather small and insignificant, debt laden outfit with a large question mark hanging over its future. However during this year, the CIA would step in and purchase SAT adding it to holding company Pacific Corp which was also responsible for other clandestine operations such as the now renowned Air America. Needless to say, this airline would go on to support covert operations in S.E.Asia until later being sold off in 1973. The airline was sold on again in 1979, this time to an individual who had been working with the manager of Pacific Corp and once more, SAT would become involved in a number of secret operations which culminated in the exposure of work carried out during the Iran-Contra affair. The rest of the 1980s would mostly see SAT operating in war and famine stricken areas within Africa.

It was in 1979, that Southern Air Transport would start to fly several freight flights in and out of Southend mostly bringing in goods from the Continent as a result of a number of strikes, although the highest number of visits would be made during the dock strike periods. Charters would later continue on and off with N912SJ appearing during November 1990 while as late as the mid-90s spares and parts were occasionally being transported in on behalf of the Ford Motor Company with N920SJ arriving on March 11th 1995 from Valencia and N908SJ doing likewise in December. Meanwhile, during the late ’80s and early ’90s, it is believed that a couple of company 707s turned up at Southend for attention at the airport’s engineering facilities.

Click below to see Robin J. Pinnock’s video of Southern Air Transport – N908SJ operating to and from SEN during December 1995

Moving Parts at Southend


Southern Air Transport fleet from 1979 to 1995

Lockheed L-100-20/30 Hercules

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN are listed)

N522SJ*– 11/85 to 10/98

Sold to Transafrik International as S9-BOR

N908SJ*– 9/87 to 7/98

Sold to T.W.L Limited as 9S-CAW

N912SJ*– 9/86 to 10/98

Prev reg as N12ST – Sold to Transafrik International as S9-BOQ

N916SJ – 1/87 to 10/98

Sold to Transafrik International as S9-BAT

N918SJ – 1/87 to 8/98

Sold to Transafrik International as S9-CAY

N920SJ*– 6/85 to 4/88

Sold to Air Foyle as N901SJ


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