Viking G-AJFS

Vickers 627 Viking 1B – c/n 237

With Channel from Dec 1962 to Feb 1965

Viking Juliet Sierra was the second of Tradair’s two converted freighters and on her transferral to Channel Airways she was put straight onto the high traffic routes to the Continent flying her first service on December 22nd 1962 between Southend and Ostend. However, unlike her stable mate Foxtrot Romeo she would not remain in service for very long, especially now that Channel was taking on an almost never ending flow of Viscounts. She nevertheless spent one full season flying to Ostend, Calais and Rotterdam before operating her last service for the airline on the return leg of a Rotterdam to Southend service on February 8th 1964. In May she was permanently withdrawn and would languish at Southend for almost another year before finally being scrapped.


History of G-AJFS

9/47 to 2/58

Airwork Ltd

2/58 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 2/65

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU at Southend 5/64 and B/U 2/65


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