Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 256

With BAF/BWA from Feb 1984 to Jan 1994

Given Names – ‘Viscount Guernsey’ and ‘Viscount Sir Peter Masefield’

One of the later Viscount arrivals to join BAF was G-AOYG which was purchased by the airline on January 27th 1984 and flown to Southend from longguernsey-g-aoyg term storage in Cardiff on February 14th. This aircraft would however, not go straight into service with BAF and by the end of April, she had been rolled out of the refinishing hangar adorned in the livery of Guernsey Airlines, a subsidiary that BAF had acquired three years earlier from the ailing Alidair. Thus from this point on, she would be based in Guernsey flying services to a multitude of airports around the country. During 1984 she could be seen at Coventry, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and on occasion at Southend and she would continue to fly these services with the addition of some continental service which were flown direct to the Channel Islands.

This lease finally came to an end during August 1986 and with Short 3-30s having now mostly taken over viscount-g-aoyg-virginthe Guernsey routes, she would enter BAF service for the very first time. For the time being, she would be fitted out with interior window panelling and was put to work freighting for much of the rest of the year being seen at East Midlands, Glasgow and Manchester in this configuration. Whether she was kept in her Guernsey livery to keep her as a reserve aircraft for the C.I routes or simply as a cost measure is unknown, but by June the following year it would finally be replaced with the white and red striped scheme of Virgin Atlantic who needed a feeder for their Gatwick-Maastrict route. This lease would last just over a year and in July 1988, Yankee Golf finally returned to Southend.

For much of the rest of the summer and early autumn, YG was put to work on a small number of charters including a trip to Prague in August. However, by October she had been towed into the Jadepoint hangar where she would undergo checks and receive her very first red, white and blue BAF livery, this being the ‘British’ scheme. On the 28th, she was named ‘Sir Peter Masefield’ after the former chief executive of BEA who would more or less be responsible for the Viscount’s overwhelming success by not only ordering it straight of of the drawing board but in great numbers too. Needless to say, Sir Peter happily put in an appearance at this event. The following day, YG was dispatched north for a winter of hauling oil workers between Aberdeen and Sumburgh, returning to SEN in the spring of 1989.

This particular year would once more be spent flying charters to such destinations as Dublin and Guernsey during the summer months, before once more disappearing into the hangar for new titles and the very last BAF livery, finally emerging in January 1990. This particular year would be a busy one with BAF having charters coming out of its ears. Flights to Jersey and the odd chick flight were undertaken, while services being flown on behalf of other airlines would include Dublin-Liverpool for Ryanair on May 28th, Stansted-Amsterdam-Guernsey for Air UK on June 18th and a private charter between Luton and Tours on June 16th. The end of the year was also a busy one too with YG flying a Christmas shopping charter to Ostend during mid-December.

By early 1991, Yankee Golf was back on the Aberdeen oil contract, remaining there until the spring. The rest of the year would be more relaxed though, albeit with a few interesting charters including a private jaunt by the Brooklands enthusiasts from Southend to Basle during September as seen in the video below. However, Yankee Golf’s life was sadly coming to an end and on February 21st 1992 she made her last ever flight. She stood idle until November when she was towed into the hangar and robbed of all useful parts after which, she was put out to pasture at the rear of the airport. There she would sit until January 1994 when Hanningfield Metals arrived and broke her up between the 15th and 22nd. While most of the aircraft was quickly reduced to scrap in the usual Hanningfield tradition, the cockpit was put to one side for resale, but this too was eventually destroyed.

Southend to Basle in Viscount Yankee Golf by Andy’s Video

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History of G-AOYG

3/58 to 9/70


9/70 to 4/74

Cambrian Airways

4/74 – 2/81

TFR to British Airways

2/81 to 2/84

Stored at Cardiff, Wales

2/84 to 1/94



WFU 12/92 – Scrapped 1/94


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