BAC 1-11-518FG – c/n 202

With BAF/BWA from Nov 1992 to Feb 2000

G-BDAS would be yet another of the ex-Dan-Air BAC 1-11s that turned up at SEN at the beginning of November 1992. Her last flight was made between Amsterdam and Gatwick on the 5th and after this, she was ferried to Southend and handed over to BAF on the very same day. However, her registration would not take place until the following month by which time rudimentary BAF titles had been added to her existing Dan-Air livery prior to her finally entering service. Like most of the BAF/BWA 1-11s, her subsequent service life is extremely sketchy and has not been well recorded. Nevertheless, what is known is that the following year, she would return to SEN for painting into the classy, leaping lion livery of British World. Arriving on May 17th, she was refinished on the 20th only to depart the following day.

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By 1994, the bulk of British World’s operations had been moved to Stansted while Southend would mostly remain as an engineering facility for its remaining equipment. Even though some Viscount flights would still operate from SEN from time to time, as far as flights were concerned, the 1-11s would be confined to STN. This 1-11 would fly a good number of charters from this airport during 1993 being seen in Gerona (7&9/93), Mallorca (9/93) and Faro (11/93) while the following year would see her at several other British and Irish airports including Brize Norton and Dublin in April with a good number of flights being made to the latter during the year. In 1996, she would spend much of her time operating from the Scottish airports of Edinburgh and Glasgow before moving her main base to Gatwick at the end of the year.

It was from Gatwick that she would fly a fair few charters to relatively new destinations at least by British World’s standards. A short lease would see her going to Air Nostrum in March 1998, otherwise it was business as usual for this 1-11. Her last year of service would see her taking in Beauvais, Helsinki and Faro again, while one of her last services before being sold of saw her flying a charters to Shannon and Barcelona during the very early part of 2000. She then flew to SEN for a short period of storage before departing for new home in Nigeria.


History of G-OBWB

3/70 to 9/74

Court Line as G-AXMH – Insolvent 9/74 – WFU and Stored

2/75 to 11/92

Dan-Air as G-BDAS

11/92 to 2/00


2/00 to 11/05

Albarka Airlines as 5N-BBP – Insolvent 11/05


WFU in Malta – Impounded for non-payment of bills – B/U 1/06


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