Viking G-AHPH

Vickers 614 Viking 1 – c/n 141

With EAFS/Channel from Mar 1958 to Jul 1959

Viking Papa Hotel was the very first aircraft of its kind to enter the Channel Airways fleet. At the time, these aircraft were seen as being the ideal choice for this airline as they were plentiful, relatively cheap and easy to maintain while at the same time, they offered a respectable lifting capacity of 40 passengers. Indeed, they were considered to be the perfect answer to the short but frequent hops that Channel was making back and forth to the Continent. Arriving from Eagle Aviation in March 1958, she then spent a couple of days crew training between Southend and Stansted before going into service with Channel on a fully loaded flight to Rotterdam on April 4th. The following week would see her operating her first charters with a couple of flights to Basle after which, she would be thrown into the hectic schedule of summer services between Southend and Ostend, Rotterdam and the Channel Islands.

By October, things had quietened down considerably, although this Viking would still carry out the odd winter charter. On the 11th, PH would take a leisurely cruise to Le Bourget and back while the following week, she would transport a load of charter passengers to Brussels accompanied by Viking G-AHOZ on both occasions. The following year would offer much of the same and Papa Hotel took to the air again during March 1959. Ultimately though, this particular aircraft would go on to have a rather short career with the airline and on the July 28th, she was about to land at Southend on a return trip from Ostend when the crew became aware of the fact that the undercarriage on the starboard side had not locked down correctly. Needless to say, the oleo collapsed on landing and the aircraft was written off (see ‘Prangs’ for more details). She was quickly replaced by Viking G-AJJN which was acquired from Continental Air Services.


History of G-AHPH

9/46 to 2/47

Minister of Civil Aviation

2/47 to 5/47

Suidair International Airways as ZS-BSB

5/47 to 9/57

Central African Airways as VP-YIR

9/57 to 3/58

Eagle Aviation as G-AHPH

3/58 to 7/59

Channel Airways


DBR after undercarriage collapse landing at SEN 28/7/59 (See ‘Prangs’ for more details)


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