Vickers 813 Viscount – c/n 350

With BAF from Apr 1990 to Jan 1991

Viscount ‘November Alpha’ came to BAF due to the collapse of Sean T. Hully’s Baltic/Hot-Air, the assets of which were distributed to certainbaf-plain-visc-g-azna creditors while what remained was procured by BAF. Of the three Viscounts owned by these two concerns, only G-AZNA would eventually enter service with the airline, although its operational life was short indeed and invariably, it was eventually withdrawn from use and used as a spares source for BAF’s other Viscounts. During mid-April, she was ferried from Gran Canaria to Southend where she more than likely underwent checks and a period of maintenance before being put into service. She had previously been flying in a Gambia Air Shuttle livery and while the titles were quickly removed, she would continue to carry her Viscount Banjul name, a name that she still carries to this very day.

It would appear that G-AZNA was then primarily put to work operating the weekend flights between SEN and g-azna1the Channel Islands, being seen at Guernsey on May 5th. However, the following weekend’s visit to the C.I. would reveal the addition of British Air Ferries titles, although the livery was still pure white. A day working Ryanair’s Irish Sea route between Dublin and Liverpool on July 2nd would seemingly be the only change to NA’s schedule before finally being sent to Tees-side for storage on the 13th. She was later ferried back to Southend in October and would not fly again, instead being towed to the rear of the airport where she sat, just inside the airport perimeter for almost two more years. In the meantime, she was repurchased by Sean T. Hully who eventually sold her to a Belgian nightclub, after which she was roaded to her final resting place in September 1992. As of 2019, she is believed to be for sale.


History of G-AZNA

11/56 to 2/72

South African Airways

2/72 to 5/86

British Midland

5/86 to 3/88

British Aerospace

3/88 to 4/90

Sean T. Hully Sales/Hot Air

4/90 to 1/91


1/91 to 10/92

Sean T. Hully Sales

10/92 to Present

N9 Dancing Kokoriko Nightclub, Belgium


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