BAe 146-100 – c/n 1004

With BAF from Sep 1982 to Sep 1983

While Herald operations were proceeding well at the beginning of the 1980s, BAF was still looking for a way to increase its passenger carrying capabilities and in 1981, the company displayed an interest in the BAe 146 which could carry almost twice the number of paying customers than the Herald and with its STOL performance, would be more than suitable for Southend’s short runway. By June of this year, BAF’s management were considering 10 options on these aircraft and as a result of this, BAF was chosen as the launch customer for the 146. So in September 1982, the first production aircraft was delivered to BAF on lease whereupon it would engage in working various routes in an attempt to help BAe gain its operating certificate for the type.

The aircraft in question – G-OBAF – was subsequently painted up in a BAF ‘Bee’ livery and the company wasted no time in flaunting the aircraft to the aviation industry and the public alike, with her putting in an appearance at the Farnborough Airshow on September 7th. Then for the next 12 months, she would be flown around the country, making visits to numerous airports although by this time, it would seem that BAF had settled on the Viscount as the natural successor to the Herald, already having 12 of them in their fleet by the time that this 146 was delivered. Needless to say, while BAF had helped BAe with the certification of the aircraft, no orders were ultimately forthcoming and by August of 1983 the aircraft had been returned to the manufacturer.


History of G-OBAF

8/82 to 9/83

British Aerospace

9/83 to 4/85

RAF as ZD695

4/85 to 5/87

British Aerospace as G-5-04

5/87 to 5/98

Dan-Air as G-BRJS

5/98 to 12/99

Debonair as G-DEBJ

12/99 to 5/09

National Jet Systems as VH-NJA


WFU and scrapped in Adelaide 5/09


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