Gregory Air Taxis


Operated from Feb 1962 to Sep 1971

Main Base – Denham and Newcastle

Founder/Director – Mr Ken Gregory

Another frequent visitor to SEN was this air taxi operator which initially started out with a single aircraft and yet by the end of the following year boasted nine aircraft in its fleet, although some of these were admittedly leases. Over the next few years, Gregory would expand to temporary bases in Liverpool and Sunderland and by 1965 this company had purchased a C-47 which operated mostly from Newcastle. It was during this period that GAT started to become a regular visitor to Southend with its C-47, its Turbo Commander and a few smaller types turning up on a number of occasions too. However, by 1968 the company had been sold on and come the autumn of 1971, the air taxi side of the business had been closed down although the Gregory Air Taxi name would re-emerge once again in October 1972 and continued to operate through until March 1977. While this company’s earlier visits are well documented, whether this second incarnation of the company ever frequented SEN or not is unknown.


Gregory Air Taxis fleet from 1965 to 1971

Douglas C-47 Dakota

G-AKJH*– 4/65 to 10/68

Sold to Emerald Airways as EI-ARR

Aero Commander 500

G-ASIO*– 12/64 to 4/68

Sold to Shackleton Aviation

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

G-ARIE* – 2/62 to 10/64

Sold to E.S. Collins & Son Ltd

G-ASMR* – 2/64 to 8/71

Sold to private owners

G-ASON – 4/64 to 9/71

Brismo Finance Ltd

G-ASYK*– 11/64 to 5/70

Autolease Ltd

G-ASYO*– 11/64 to 9/70

K. Gamm (Holdings) Ltd

Piper PA-23 Aztec 250

G-ASHH* – 3/63 to 11/67

Modern Automatic Alarms Ltd

G-ASRI – 5/64 to 3/71

Hampshire School of Flying


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