Percival Provost T.1



With the H.A.M from Oct 1971 to May 1983

This aircraft was delivered to RAF Cranwell on September 30th 1953 where she would spend her operational life serving with No.6 FTS. During her active service she would become involved in a mid-air collision with another Provost (WV603) during a training exercise on July 26th 1954. The tail of WV603 subsequently broke off and the aircraft fell uncontrollably and impacted with the ground, although the crew thankfully managed to exit the stricken airframe before this happened. Meanwhile, WV483 managed to land safely at RAF Tern Hill where she was quickly repaired. Then in September 1960, she was sent to RAF Halton to join No.1 SoTT and became an instructional airframe with the designation 7693M.

It was at the end of 1971 that the H.A.M managed to procure this aircraft as an exhibit and after a short period of restoration work in the hangar, she was placed in the compound outside. With the demise of the museum she was sold to Doug Arnold during the auction for £3000 and was transported to Blackbushe in June of that year, later being moved on with the rest of the collection to Bitteswell after Doug Arnold procured this airfield in 1985. Another move by the Fighter Collection the following year would see this Provost being disposed of and it is believed that it was around this time that she was sold to a buyer on the other side of the Atlantic. Indeed, by 2003 she was up for sale in the U.S.


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