BAC 1-11-515FB – c/n 208

With BAF/BWA from 11/92 to 4/95

This particular 1-11 was ferried from Bournemouth to Southend on November 27th 1992, although this would be the last time that she would fly for a number of years and as such, she remained idle at SEN. While G-OBWH was summarily allocated to this aircraft, this was never taken up and she retained her former Dan-Air registration and livery. She was later transferred to British World in April 1993 although this would have no bearing on her immediate fortunes and by the end of the year, she sat engineless at the far end of the old 15/33 runway. However, it would appear that the removal of her engines was actually a sign of her impending return to service and by April 1994, she had been given an overhaul, a new livery and was subsequently delivered to Oriental Airlines on the 13th of the same month.


History of G-OBWH

5/70 to 3/72

Paninternational as D-ALAS

3/72 to 8/72


8/72 to 10/73

British Caledonian

10/73 to 3/82

LACSA Costa Rica as TI-LRK

3/82 to 11/92

Dan-Air as G-BJYL

11/92 to 4/95


4/95 to 9/98

Oriental Airlines as 5N-ENO


WFU at Owerri, Nigeria during 2002 – Still extant as of 2006 although now likely scrapped

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