BAC 1-11 520FN – c/n 230

With BAF/BWA from Nov 1992 to Feb 2000

Arriving from Bournemouth on November 28th 1992 as G-BEKA, this 1-11 was quickly turned around by BAF and by December 8th, she had been re-registered and was ready to go to work, although like most of these aircraft that entered service before the British World name change, she would operate in a modified Dan-Air livery for the time being. Her service history during 1993 is sketchy, but she would start the season with a few spring trips to Jersey, while later in the year, she would make her first visit to Cambridge on October 11th along with G-OBWD to carry out an unspecified charter and on the very last day of this month, she would fly her first service from Heathrow. By this time, she has been adorned in the smart ‘leaping lion’ livery of British World, even if this would turn out to be rather short lived.

The following year saw her operating flights between Birmingham and Dublin and a charter to Helsinki in April, while holiday flights were flown to Mediterranean destinations such as Faro from Stansted. However from 1995, she would be leased out to a number of companies, starting with Sabena with whom she would serve on and off with for much of 1995. During this year, her livery was switched frequently between that of Sabena, more simplified BWA colours and a plain white scheme. It was not all plain sailing though. On August 4th 1995, Whiskey Charley sustained minor damage at STN when a baggage cart was inadvertently driven into her, this resulting in a rather large gash in the fuselage. Sufficed to say, this damage was quickly repaired and she was returned to service.

Moving into 1996, this 1-11 made a good number of holiday trips to Palma, although charters were still frequently flown, Copenhagen being one such destination. On June 2nd, Whiskey Charley would also take part in a 50th Anniversary Flypast at Heathrow, departing from Stansted and arriving back there approximately 1 hour later. With the onset of a new season in 1997, Whiskey Charley was retained at STN as a back up aircraft and as such, operations that year were few and far between, although she was seen at Dublin on a number of occasions again, in a pure white livery. But by the end of 1997 she had returned to service having been leased to Air Nostrum, that was at the time flying winter charters on behalf of Air France.

This 1-11 was then returned to British World early in the new year, although she would return to Air Nostrum for much of March 1998. The following month would see her departing for yet another stint with a another airline, namely Debonair with whom she would remain with for almost a year. She was used primarily for operations out of Luton and Manchester, while she would also be sub-leased to Air Littoral for a few days during April. She finally returned to BWA at Southend in January 1999 where she was temporarily stored until being sold on to Albarka Airlines just over a year later, although in February ’99, she would be reactivated for a few days work with Airwing 2000.


History of G-OBWC

12/70 to 6/72

SADIA Transport as PP-SDR

6/72 to 1/77

TFR to Transbrazil

1/77 to 8/77

BAC as G-BEKA and G-16-22

8/77 to 9/79

Arkia Israel as 4X-BAR

9/79 to 11/92

Dan-Air as G-BEKA

11/92 to 2/00


2/00 to 11/05

Albarka Airlines as 5N-BBQ


Repossessed and flown to Malta – 9/03 – Still extant at Hal Far Fire Training Centre, Malta as of 2016


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