BAC 1-11-531FS – c/n 242

With BAF/BWA from Nov 1992 to Jan 2000

Former Dan-Air 1-11 G-BJYM was dispatched to Southend on November 25th 1992. However, she would be one of the very last of this particular 1-11 fleet to enter service. Thus, she never operated for BAF and instead remained idle at SEN until May 1993 when she was finally pulled into the engineering hangar for an overhaul. She emerged again on the 27th with her new registration and left on the same day. She then returned to SEN at the beginning of June for a change of livery which would see the modified Dan-Air scheme being replaced with that of British World after which, she departed to Stansted from where she would initially operate from.

In fact, while most of the other 1-11s were being leased left, right and centre, up until her last year of service, Whiskey Echo would remain with BWA with whom she would mostly operate short term wet leases or charters. The summer of 1993 would see WE making mostly holiday trips from Gatwick and Stansted to the Med, turning up at such locations as Alicante (Aug ’93) and Palma (Jul to Sep ’93). The following two years would carry on in much the same vein with Palma becoming a regular destination for this aircraft at least until the end of 1997, although she would invariably turn up on ad-hoc charters such as to Prague during June and Prestwick during October 1994, while she would also spend some time at Shannon during June ’95 undertaking crew training.

Moving into 1996, Whiskey Echo became a more regular sight at other British airports including Manchester, while she would also witness an increase in charters to Central Europe, turning up at destinations such as Stuttgart and Zurich during September. At the end of 1996, she returned to SEN for an overhaul and remained idle for much of the winter. However, by the spring she was back in the air and in May 1997, she flew a number of charters to Lourdes from several destinations around the UK. British World would also be called upon to help out during the July ’97 British Airways strike and WE would be dispatched to Heathrow to operate short range services for the company, most of which saw her frequenting airports in Germany such as Hannover.

The following two years would see continued flights to Central Europe such as to Frankfurt and Vienna during the spring while the Faro route would again be flown during the latter part of 1998 and continue on and off through to the following spring. Meanwhile, the 1999 season would start with a ski charter to Toulouse in January while Ireland became a more frequent destination with WE being seen at both Shannon and Dublin during the summer months, some of these no doubt being flown from Birmingham where she was also seen. However, with the turn of the millennium came her first lease and in January her BWA livery was removed and she was dispatched to Air Nostrum for several months operating mostly from Spanish soil.

She was subsequently returned to Southend in mid-April where she stayed until the first week of May when she was sent back to her previous lessor for a further week of work. Back at SEN, the Air Nostrum titles were removed and from this point on, Whiskey Echo would operate in a pure white livery. Charters were still plentiful and as such, she would operate from a number of British airports such as Birmingham and Manchester to Dublin and Helsinki, while she would also see a return to her common haunts of Faro and Palma. One of her final jobs would see her flying an ad-hoc charter between Edinburgh and Brussels during November after which it would appear that she was WFU. She then remained at Southend until being sold off several months after the collapse of British World.


History of G-OBWE

11/72 to 5/82

LACSA Costa Rica as TI-1095C TI-LRI from 1/74

5/82 to 11/92

Dan-Air as G-BJYM

11/92 to 1/02


1/02 to 5/02

BWA Receivers


Air Leone as 9L-LDJ but NTU


Stored in Malta and used as a fire trainer – In poor condition but mostly complete as of 2016


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