Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 213 – c/n 176

Leased by BAF from Nov 1989 to Jan 1992

Being one of the many Heralds owned and operated by Norwich based Air U.K., Papa November could on occasion be seen at Southend during the early ’80s. However, it wasn’t until late 1989 that she became more of a regular sight at the airport, having been leased on a long-term contract. Now down to just two Heralds, BAF were compelled to find more equipment of this type which also led them to leasing two more aircraft from Nordic Oil Services. Many of Papa November’s initial duties saw her running various freight services and charters around Europe, both for BAF and other companies. A short sub-lease to Iona during May 1990 would also see her operating out of Dublin.

However, for much of 1991 she would be kept busy moving Ford spares between Dusseldorf and Liverpool and Maastricht and Cardiff while filling in when required on BAF’s Federal Express contract. Then in 1992, she was handed over to new owner Channel Express who still sometimes flew her into SEN on their nightly UPS services until the Heralds were eventually replaced by Electras. G-AVPN made her last flight in October 1997 to Elvington where for the nominal sum of £1, she was handed over to the Yorkshire Air Museum under whose stewardship, the future of this aircraft would hopefully be assured. However, it would appear that the last surviving BAF 200-series Herald has now been summarily decapitated and all that sadly remains as of 2018 is her cockpit and forward fuselage.


History of G-AVPN

5/64 to 6/67

Bavaria Fluggesellschaft as D-BIBI

6/67 to 7/70

Handley Page Ltd as G-AVPN

7/70 to 7/73

Itavia as I-TIVB

7/73 to 2/86

B.I.A. as G-AVPN

TFR to Air U.K. – 1/80

2/86 to 1/92

Nordic Oil Services

Leased by BAF as above

1/92 to 10/97

Channel Express/Dart Group

10/97 to Present

Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington

(Forward section only)


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